Three More Of The Top Restaurants In Topeka KS

You are on vacation or perhaps just passing through Topeka, Kansas, and you need a bite to eat. Last time I took you to three top restaurants in Topeka, Kansas, and this time you’re going to be privy to three more. The third was a bonus mention last time, but let’s see if we can’t get to all the details about these three fine establishments in Topeka KS.

Pad Restaurant on NW Topeka Boulevard is up first, and they serve up great burgers, fries, soups and more. Reviews also talk about great onion rings, cheese balls, ice cream and a great staff. It is a fun place according to reviewers, and one person even mentions that people travel from everywhere to come get a bite to eat at The Pad.

Rowhouse Restaurant is the second place you get a good look at, and it is located at 515 Van Buren. There is a tasting menu, and people rave about the vegetarian dishes. This would be a great pick for a special dinner, as you are privy to a five course meal. The building for the restaurant itself is supposed to be really cool, too. Now it is on to the third and final restaurant in the capital city of Topeka, Kansas.

No worries, there will be some more restaurant reviews coming your way. First, let’s round out this list of three with Monsoon Indian Grill on SW Wanamaker Road. According to reviews, this place not only serves up delicious coconut soup, chicken curry and more but also offers a lunch buffet. It is you chance to grab some delicious Indian cuisine at yet another one of the top restaurants in Topeka, Kansas. This round showed you establishments that serve up American cuisine, a five star dining experience and Indian food.