Why I Do Not Live In Topeka

This is probably a strange thing to say, but I have actually considered living in Topeka, KS before. While I don’t know anyone there, one day I decided I should pack up my life and move it there. Luckily, I came to my senses before I went and hired a moving van.

The idea that I would be surrounded by new people was a big draw for me. I am pretty popular where I live and it can be a nuisance. Picking up and going to a place where I could blend in seemed like an excellent idea at the time. When I started to consider what I would do on the weekends when I was not at work, reality set in.

I have a pretty active social life, especially since I play music in local clubs. I would need to find a new band if I wanted to do the same thing in Topeka. While this is not an impossible feat, who wants to look for a new band when they have been playing with the same one since they were in high school?

I also thought about the fact that the city I am in has so much ethnic diversity. While I have never even been to Kansas, I don’t think that they have it as abundantly as they do where I am from. I really did not want to fight in order to fit in, so I finally nixed the entire idea and stay where I am.

I may move one day and start over in a place that is very different from here. With that said, it is pretty safe to say that I will not be settling down in Kansas, but then again, things can change in an instant.